Inspection Systems


Next Generation Image Inspection System 
 At Prime Tech Engineering we manufacture, automate the human vision, recognition, judgment and sorting operations in the product line, and will provide a system that contributes to quality control. 
From advanced optics to lighting systems, until the highest level of image processing control technology is attained, we will deliver a system construction that consistent of integrity and reliability and high speeds.

Next Generation Image Processing System


With advanced algorithm processing, our product can achieve up to 3,600 inspections per minute.
By optimizing levels of algorithms that cannot be reached by traditional hardware based
processing in the target system, our product provides excellent stability and reliability.

High Resolution Image Processing System


Levels of inspection process that are difficult to detect with the human eye are
automated with high speed advanced lighting system, optical system and high resolution
sensor cameras, while achieving higher precision with next generation algorithms processing.

Color Imaging Process System


By utilizing algorithm processing in real color, the inspection accuracy is exceptional.
Impressive results are delivered by the intelligent learning system that assumes
the vector color change by variation in color or brightness change.

Chipping, Burrs, Cracking Imaging Process System


We will provide a system that can reliably detect chipping, burr and cracks by
utilizing an advanced engineering environment, camera sensor, next generation image
processing technology. In addition, our technology uses a cognitive standard data that recognizes standard deviation unevenness and dispersion of a quality item.

Image Inspection Related Customizing Products
  • Providing OEM GigE Camera System
  • Providing OEM Custom Production Light Guide, LED Lighting Equipments
  • Providing OEM Next Generation PC Module
  • Consulting Services for System Construction, Sample Estimation Services